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For most of American history, veterans benefits claims were not subject to judicial review. Even now, it is often difficult for an attorney, student, scholar, or policy maker to gain a deep understanding of the process because veterans law's history of judicial isolation has made it very different from most other areas of law. Veterans Law Library seeks to provide a comprehensive guide to materials that may be useful in understanding veterans law. Veterans Law Library seeks to provide a full spectrum of source material available to all interested parties, and does not take a position on any issue relating to veterans law.


Veterans Law Resources is not a law firm or a legal service provider, and it is not affiliated with any such group. Veterans Law Resources does not provide legal advice. No response to inquires about cases or legal services will be provided. Veterans Law Resources does not endorse any position advocated in any of the materials it cites, and does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of any of the materials cited.

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Veterans Law Library welcomes feedback and information on additional materials not currently cited. Please contact us at administrator@veteranslawlibrary.com.